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Big Crowds Attends Fair as Sun Shines

From The Indianapolis Times, Friday, September 7, 1923: The Ku Klux Klan unofficially declared today “Klan Day” at the Indiana State Fair. Milton Elrod, editor of the Fiery Cross, announced all Klansmen will gather inside the racetrack at 6 p.m. for the singing of “America” and the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer followed by the Klan oath of allegiance to the country. Many of the men, women, and children in attendance were wearing little white badges with a crimson cross and the label “100%.” Some visitors wore small red and white caps with the letters “K. K. K.” on the fronts and many of the concession stands were decorated with signs reading “100 per cent American” thereby creating considerable comment with an atmosphere of uncertainty enveloping the crowd. Additional police were on duty to handle an unusual number of visitors.


"Big Crowds Attends Fair as Sun Shines,” The Indianapolis Times, 7 September 1923, p. 1:4


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