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Age Limit for Drivers of Autos Place at 17

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, October 18, 1921: The legal age limit for automobile drivers was raised from sixteen years to seventeen years by the Indianapolis city council yesterday. The board of public safety had proposed raising the age limit to eighteen, explaining raising the age limit would tend to reduce the number of accidents caused by irresponsible drivers and would help high school authorities in putting a stop to joyrides by their pupils. It would also prevent many high school boys and girls from driving to and from school in their automobiles. The proposed ordinance also would have raised the age limit for drivers of horse-drawn vehicles from fourteen to sixteen years, but after council president Russell Wilson remarked, “I drove horses when I was eight and harnessed them when I was seven,” the council retained the fourteen-year limit.

“Age Limit for Drivers of Autos Place at 17,” The Indianapolis News, 18 October 1921, p. 8:1

“Voting Clash Was Feature at Council,” The Indianapolis Times, 18 October 1921, p. 5:1


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