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Candy Demand Breaks Record

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, December 26: The heavy demand for candy this Christmas has exceeded any preceding holiday season in Indiana. Because of this desire to satisfy the sweet tooth, some Indianapolis candy makers were unable to supply retailers with all the stock they requested, and some manufacturers were out of their inventory before Christmas eve. Craig’s, 6 E. Washington St, closed Tuesday afternoon because it was entirely out of stock. The confectionery briefly closed Monday and Tuesday morning to take care of the crowds in the store. Charles Craig said, “I believe the demand was greater this year than last because many Indianapolis people denied themselves candy for patriotic reasons until the sugar ban was lifted.” Candy consumption is expected to exceed normal for some time as people buy a double measure of sweets to satisfy their desire.

“Candy Demand Breaks Record,” The Indianapolis Star, 26 December 1918, p. 8:1


The Indianapolis Star, 26 December 1918, p. 5

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