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Architect Unfolds Plans for Development of Arsenal Schools

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, December 11: The model created by architect H. VanBuren Magonigle visualizing an elaborate construction program for the grounds of Arsenal Technical High School was made public last night at a dinner at the City Library. The New York architect, who began his work two years ago at the request Indianapolis school officials, presented his formal report accompanied by lantern slides showing each phase of development in detail to the prominent assemblage of diners. The plan envisions a group of schools specializing in graphic arts, commerce, liberal arts, industrial science, mechanical design, and women’s work. Shops for mechanical and building trades, a stadium, gymnasiums for boys and girls, a large auditorium, library, and open-air theater are also proposed. If carried to completion, Indianapolis will have one of the most magnificent educational centers in the United States.

“Architect Unfolds Plans for Development of Arsenal Schools,” The Indianapolis Star, 11 December 1918, p. 1:2

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