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Evening Schools Open With Good Attendance

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, November 9: Good attendance has been reported in the evening classes offered at six black elementary schools. The courses are the same as in previous years - academic, sewing, manual training, millinery, shoe repairing, and special classes in civil service. Evening school work is in keeping with the industrial opportunities that have opened to black people in recent years with attention on increasing wage-earning capacity of those who take advantage of the class offerings. One purpose of the evening school is to provide an opportunity for boys and girls who have dropped out of school to return and complete regular eighth grade work and receive their diploma. Night schools also offer an opportunity to young men and women and older persons who have come to Indianapolis from other places where they had limited educational opportunities.

“Evening Schools Open With Good Attendance,” The Indianapolis News, 9 November 1918, p. 9:4


The Indianapolis News, 9 November 1918, p. 21

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