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New Camp Formally Presented to Scouts

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, August 26: The 90-acre new Scout camp along Fall Creek, west of Ft. Benjamin Harrison, was formally dedicated on Saturday. Eighty-five Boy Scouts performed stunts - a tug of war; a boxing match; water fights and a game of water polo - before one hundred visitors and officials prior to the ceremonies. Scoutmaster Francis O. Belzer inspected the Scouts and Troop 23 won first place. Those assembled sung America and Over There before Charles C. Perry, Indianapolis Light & Heat Co president, made the dedication address. After the speeches, the Scouts formed a circle around the flagpole and stood at attention while the flag was lowered. While a permanent name has not been given to the camp, the first camp held this summer was Camp Liberty and the camp just closed was Camp Victory.

“New Camp Formally Presented to Scouts,” The Indianapolis News, 26 August 1918, p. 2:5

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