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Says County Council Favors Enlargement

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, July 19: Miss Mary Meyers, secretary of the Marion County Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, reported to the Woman’s Improvement Club that the county council will be asked to appropriate sufficient funds to erect cottages for children and black patients at the Sunnyside Sanatorium. The sanatorium is the only place in the city or state where black patients may go. Also, the addition of a lunchroom to School No. 26 will provide a second fresh air school for black children. Dr. William W. Gibbs, medical inspector for black schools, said the number of black children in incipient stages of tuberculosis was surprising, and it would be impossible to better conditions so long as the children are forced to remain in the homes where there are other children in the families living in limited space.

“Says County Council Favors Enlargement,” The Indianapolis News, 19 July 1918, p. 15:4

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