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50,000 New Members is Goal in Campaign

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, April 27: Taking as its membership campaign slogan the words of Lincoln, “All men up and no man down,” two hundred workers of the local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will canvass schools, churches and civic organizations in the next few days to put Indianapolis pass its quota in the nation-wide effort to enroll 50,000 new NAACP members. The movement has grown rapidly since the association’s inception ten years ago when white and colored people began working in a determined effort to stamp out injustice and discrimination against African Americans. The $1 (2017: $17) membership fee will go towards paying the clerical and investigative work of the NAACP’s legal department to build on last November’s Supreme Court decision against segregation and open avenues now closed to colored people.

“50,000 New Members is Goal in Campaign,” The Indianapolis News, 27 April 1918, p. 12:1


The Indianapolis News, 27 April 1918, p. 22

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