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Eastern Realty Values Increase

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, March 25: Permanent public improvements have played a great part in the development and growth of Indianapolis as a city of homes. The elevation of the Belt Railroad, improvements at Ellenberger Park, the construction of Pleasant Run Boulevard, and the extension of the East Michigan street car lines have contributed to a boom of property values. In recent months the value of lots in the Tuxedo community and in Irvington have increased more than three times. Residential development and property values in the Brookside Park area has also benefited from the track elevation and the extension of street car lines. The city’s eastward growth is only a small part of the development of property in Indianapolis. The city has expanded in practically every direction with a commensurate rise in property values.

“Eastern Realty Values Increase,” The Indianapolis Star, 25 March 1918, p. 1:2


The Indianapolis Star, 25 March 1918, p. 14

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