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Carrying of Weapons Decreases in the City

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, March11: Carrying concealed weapons is one of the most dangerous practices with which the public has to contend, says George Coffin, chief of police. Under his instructions, police have arrested forty-one persons in the past two months each of whom was found to be carrying some sort of weapon, either a revolver, knife or black jack. Judge Walter Pritchard of city court agrees with the chief’s policy. Of those arrested, thirty-four have been found guilty, and most have been fined $100 (2017: $1,659) and costs. “If a man must carry a gun, why let him go to Europe where shooting is good. Uncle Sam needs and will take all, but Indianapolis is not in the war zone. I will fine anyone appearing before me who is found guilty of carrying deadly weapons,” said Judge Pritchard.

“Carrying of Weapons Decreases in the City,” The Indianapolis News, 11 March 1918, p. 19:2


The Indianapolis News, 11 March 1918, p. 12

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