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168,741 Voters are Qualified

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, October 6, 1920:  A total of 168,741 Marion County citizens have registered and are entitled to vote in the November presidential, state and county election according to tabulations completed by the county auditor.  Of this number, 93,232 are men and 75,509 are women.  The results of the heavy number of women registering on Monday, the last opportunity to register, may be seen in Ward Two and Ward Eight where the total number of women registrations exceed the total number of registered men.  The total registrations surpassed the expectations of the county Democratic and Republican party leaders.  The large number of women registering shows that the women of Indianapolis and Marion County are well versed in their duties under suffrage and are prepared to vote side by side with their male counterparts on election day.   



“168,741 Voters are Qualified,” The Indianapolis Star, 6 October 1920, p. 18:3


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