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Refuses to Aid Local Red Cross

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, December 26: William Fortune, Indianapolis Red Cross Chapter president, censured recent reports of disloyalty among the local chapter’s directors. In his statement, Fortune said, “…The Red Cross is trying to help to win the war by doing everything within its power for those who are fighting on the side of the Allies… we welcome the assistance of all who are willing to help…The Red Cross is not a debating society…but is in a very practical way trying to help win the war, and there is no place in it for those who are engaged in trying to break down efforts to help win the war, for that kind of activity is in itself plainly disloyal…” Jacob Dorsey Forrest, Citizens Gas Company general manager, had alleged at least three of the chapter’s directors were disloyal.

“Refuses to Aid Local Red Cross,” The Indianapolis Star, 22 December 1917, p. 10:4

“Scores Critics of Red Cross,” The Indianapolis Star, 26 December 1917, p. 1:2


The Indianapolis News, Saturday, 29 December 1917, p.3


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