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Lady Traffic Cops 'Do Stuff' Midst Crowd and Smart Cracks

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, November 11, 1923:  Lady traffic cops took to the corner of Meridian and Washington Street yesterday as a fitting climax to “No Accident Week” demonstrating once more that the weaker sex is edging into pastures heretofore reserved to men.  The accident prevention bureau, aided by the traffic squad, recruited four lady drivers of high-powered motor cars for traffic duty to thus have a finer understanding of the sorrows, trial, difficulties, worries, and narrow escapes of traffic cops.  Outfitted in distinctive police breeches, cap, and coat with a star properly affixed, the ladies put on white kid gloves and after a brief lesson on the traffic tower lights and the number of whistle toots, took a position at the downtown intersection, pushing back jaywalkers while coaches, trucks and flivvers awaited the wave of the white glove.    

“Lady Traffic Cops ’Do Stuff’ Midst Crowd and Smart Cracks,” The Indianapolis Star, 9 November 1923, p. 12:3


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