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Guns at Fort Ben Boom in Salute

From The Indianapolis Times, Saturday, August 4, 1923: Thirteen guns at Ft. Benjamin Harrison boomed at sunrise today in honor of President Warren G. Harding who died two days ago. Throughout the day a gun fired at half hour intervals in salute to the dead President and at sunset tonight the highest military salute, that of the Union, will be given when forty-eight guns are fired. Tomorrow, American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts will hold memorial services at the Soldier and Sailors Monument and all Indianapolis civic clubs are asked to hold services. The flag at the Boy Scout camp was lowered to half-staff and tonight’s concluding events of the French fete sponsored by the Irvington American Legion Post were canceled. Local organizations at regular or special sessions adopted resolutions expressing sorrow over the nation’s chief executive’s death.

“Guns at Fort Ben Boom in Salute,” The Indianapolis Times, 4 August 1923, p. 1:3


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