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Full Benefits of Sewage Plant Will Cost $560,000 More

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, November 22, 1923:  Plans have been made for interceptor sewer extensions on Fall Creek and Pleasant Run.  Under present conditions only 80 percent of the daily sewage flow will be drained into the disposal plant with the remainder continuing to pour into White River without the interceptors.  The interceptors will collect sanitary sewage while storm water is permitted to overflow into outfalls reaching the water courses.  Unless heavily loaded with sanitary sewage, storm water is practically innocuous, and during heavy rainfall the sewage in the streams is greatly diluted so it does not become either a nuisance or a menace to health, although it is not potable.    Irvington taxpayers are eager to assume the cost of the Pleasant Run interceptor sewer extension because it will relieve an unsanitary condition that has existed there for years.


“Full Benefits of Sewage Plant Will Cost $560,000 More,” The Indianapolis Star, 22 November 1923, p. 1:1


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