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Football Attention Centers in Irvington

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, September 29, 1920: Irvington will be the center of football followers as record crowds are expected to fill the stands Friday and Saturday afternoons when the Indianapolis football season opens on Irwin Field at Butler College. The first contest pits the Manual Training High School eleven against the Wabash College squad. This will be the first city high school football contest since 1907 and joyous shouts of hundreds of students, teachers and alumni will welcome the home team. Saturday, city play continues when the teams of Shortridge and Bloomfield High Schools meet on the Irwin gridiron in the preliminary game before the Pagemen of Butler College take on the eleven of Wittenberg College. Manual and Butler engaged in a stiff scrimmage yesterday and this afternoon Shortridge had a snappy scrimmage with the Butler gridders.


“Football Attention Centers in Irvington,” The Indianapolis News, 29 September 1920, p. 21:4


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