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'Cu Clux' Stirs War Mothers

From The Indianapolis Times, Tuesday, March 27, 1923: Rev. Daisy Douglass Barr, president of the Indiana War Mothers, resigned last evening after a number of gold star mothers had “strongly disapproved” of her reported efforts in organizing a woman’s Ku Klux Klan while attending to her duties as president of their organization. In her letter of resignation to the executive committee, Rev. Barr only mentions that “her evangelical duties and her plans to go abroad this summer made it impossible for her to give the proper attention to the affairs of the State War Mothers.” Alice French, founder of Indiana War Mothers, said a majority of the organization’s members “are not in favor of a woman’s secret organization to correspond to the Ku Klux Klan” and did not approve Rev. Barr’s “using our time and our organization for this purpose.”

“‘Cu Clux’ Stirs War Mothers,” The Indianapolis Times, 27 March 1923, p. 1:5


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