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City Council, 6 to 2, Rejects Daylight Saving Ordinance

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, March 2, 1920: The daylight saving time ordinance introduced in the Indianapolis City Council last night has been endorsed by fourteen commercial, industrial and civic organizations of the city. The ordinance provides that clocks in Indianapolis would advance one hour on Sunday, April 25 and return to normal time on Sunday, September 20. Organizations in other Indiana cities, particular those in the eastern part of the state, are interested in having their communities adopt daylight saving time so that traction companies and railroads may change their time schedules accordingly. Daylight saving ordinances either have been adopted or are under consideration in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh; Dayton and Cincinnati, OH; Chicago; Detroit; Louisville, KY; San Francisco and Los Angeles. Despite wide spread support for daylight saving time, the Indianapolis city council fails to adopt the time change.

“Organizations of City Back Daylight Bill,” The Indianapolis Star, 2 March 1920, p. 1:3

“City Council, 6 to 2, Rejects Daylight Saving Ordinance,” The Indianapolis Star, 16 March 1920, p. 1:4


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