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City Doesn't Suit Students

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, October 8, 1919: Fifteen out of 100 students in Indianapolis high schools do not expect to stay in the city after they graduate and 45 will decide after completing college. Thirteen are undecided. This is one of the significant results of the questionnaire circulated by the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce among city high school students in connection with its campaign to “Keep Indianapolis at the Front.” The reasons offered by those who do not expect to stay are, “It depends on where I’m offered the best job;” “I can find better opportunities in my line in another place;” and “There is no opportunity here for a young man.” To the question, “What can be done to prepare for your life work?” the very first answer given by the students, “Promote business possibilities for young men.”

“City Doesn’t Suit Students,” The Indianapolis Star, 8 October 1919, p. 5:2

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