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League of Voters Approval is Plan

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, April 2, 1919: The Woman’s Franchise League of Indiana will endorse the newly organized League of Women Voters in the closing session of its convention tomorrow. Last week, Indiana delegates to the national suffrage convention in St. Louis voted for the proposed League of Women Voters as a department of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. There is no opposition in the Hoosier state to the new league, but while Indiana is a member of the league it does not have full privileges because Indiana has only presidential suffrage. Currently, only the fifteen states that are fully enfranchised are active members of the League of Women Voters. Carrie Chapman Catt, national suffrage association president, told the convention the chief aim of the league is education of the masses in order to maintain a higher democracy.

“League of Voters Approval is Plan,” The Indianapolis News, 2 April 1919, p. 1:7


The Indianapolis News, 2 April 1919, p. 4.

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