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Truce Doesn't End Motor Corps Work

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, December 25: One of the most important army and navy department auxiliaries is the Red Cross Motor Corps, and it’s one of the few organizations whose work has intensified since the Armistice. The influenza epidemic kept the women of the Indianapolis Red Cross Motor Corps busy night and day rapidly transferring the scarce supply of nurses from one case to another. Last month’s Public Health Nursing Association report showed the transportation corps supplied the equivalent of four additional nurses in the service. Recently the ambulance used by the Red Cross Motor Corps has been in great demand transporting soldiers to the Ft. Benjamin Harrison hospital. Another important duty performed by the motor corps is in the home service, taking Red Cross visitors to the homes of soldiers’ families. serving both military and civilian needs.

“Truce Doesn’t End Motor Corps Work,” The Indianapolis Star, 25 December 1918, p. 12:3

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