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Student Soldiers Are Discharged at Butler

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, December 7: Yesterday afternoon the 223 men who were inducted into the Student Army Training Corps at Butler College on October 1 were discharged from government service. It is believed that this is the first college unit to receive discharge papers. Orders have also been received for the demobilization of the entire 1,500 men at the army vocational training camp at the State School for the Deaf in one day. However, the release of these men will have to occur over several days because it would be difficult to check in all issued equipment at once. Also, railroad officials advise that the lines can conveniently handle only about 500 discharged men each day without becoming congested. Local army officials are waiting further instructions concerning the discharge of the student soldiers at the Indiana Dental College.

“Student Soldiers Are Discharged at Butler,” The Indianapolis News, 7 December 1918, p. 2:1

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