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U. S. Warns Against Any Illegal Voting

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, November 4: U. S. district attorney L. Ert Slack issued a warning, in advance of tomorrow’s election, that federal authorities will prosecute any cases of vote buying and voting by enemy aliens who have taken out only their first naturalization papers. Marion County Republican and Democratic party officials have been provided with copies of the new federal law with instructions to assist the government in stamping out the evil of vote-buying and to warn German, Austrian, and Hungarian alien enemies not entitled to vote. District attorney Slack said the government has a complete list of every enemy alien in Indiana who was required to register some time ago, and he warned that any alien enemy who votes or attempts to vote in Tuesday’s election will be interned without trial for the duration of the war.

“’U. S. Warns Against Any Illegal Voting,” The Indianapolis Star, 4 November 1918, p. 1:3


The Indianapolis Star, 4 November 1918, p. 1

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