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Stutz Company Gets Order for Tractors

World War I – From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, October 27: While workers at the Nordyke & Marmon Co turn out Liberty motors to power American planes engaging German aviators in the skies over France, the ordnance division of the War Department has awarded a $3,000,000 (2017: $49,776,260) contract to the Stutz Motor Car Co for the manufacture of 1,200 artillery tractors, of special design, intended to pull heavy field pieces. The five-ton capacity, 7,400-pound, T-13 model caterpillar type tractor will be powered by an eight-cylinder Cadillac motor. Stutz will stop manufacturing its passenger automobiles and exclusively turn the plant over to war production beginning Monday. It is expected that the company will immediately add 500 more men to its workforce so that it can finish not less than ten tractors each day. Delivery of the tractors is scheduled to begin January 1, 1919.

“Wartime Plant Keyed to Meet Hour’s Demand,” The Indianapolis Star, 27 October 1918, Part Two, p. 11:4

“Stutz Company Gets Order for Tractors,” The Indianapolis Star, 26 October 1918, p. 1:5


The Indianapolis Star, 26 October 1918, p. 3

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