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French Heroes March in Indianapolis Streets

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, October 7: Clad in olive tinged khaki and carrying shouldered rifles with long bayonets flashing in the sun, a detachment of the French Foreign Legion, led by a mounted police escort and the Indianapolis Newsboys’ Band, marched through Indianapolis downtown streets this afternoon amid the tri-colors of France, the colors of the United States, and the applause of thousands of onlookers along the parade route. Earlier in the day, the legionnaires marched to Monument Circle and reverently raised their shinning bayonets in salute to the American flag and in respect to the heroes of 1861. Much of the welcoming ceremonies and entertainments prepared by the city’s reception committee were curtailed because of the health board’s influenza order against public meetings. The sixty-seven legionnaires are touring the country on behalf of the Fourth Liberty Loan campaign.

“French Heroes March in Indianapolis Streets,” The Indianapolis News, 7 October 1918, p. 13:1

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