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148,900 Listed in 19-37 Class

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, September 15: Major Robert Baltzell, Indiana conscription officer, estimates 148,900 men, ages 19 to 37 years old, registered Thursday under the Selective Service Act. Official reports from 34 of the 124 local selective service boards show total registrations of 91,114. Of those registered, 5,998 are 18 years old. There are 10,743 men in the 19 to 20 age group, and 27,837 in the 32 to 36 age group. The age group 37 to 46 compose the largest number of men, 46,536. It will be at least three weeks before a drawing in Washington is held to determine the order of the men to be called to the colors. Local registration boards are assigning serial numbers and will send out questionnaires to those registered to get as many men classified as possible before the drawing.

“148,900 Listed in 19-37 Class,” The Indianapolis Star, 15 September 1918, Part Five, p. 33:6

The Indianapolis Star, 11 September 1918, p. 3


The Indianapolis Star, 15 September 1918, p. 2


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