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Fire Equipment Greatly Needed

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, July 26: Mayor Jewett and members of the board of public safety inspected eighteen fire engine houses yesterday, and the mayor said, “This inspection convinced me that the Indianapolis firemen are the finest housekeepers in town.” However, leaky roofs and bad floors were found in many buildings and much equipment, particularly in houses with horse-drawn equipment, was found to be in bad condition. Firemen were trying their best to keep the aging equipment in the finest shape possible. City officials were convinced that motor equipment must be obtained and placed in houses throughout the city as rapidly as possible. This will enable the department to do away with unpleasant surroundings where horses and wagons are kept and give the fire chief the ability to rearrange districts so the response to fires would be more efficient.

“Fire Equipment Greatly Needed,” The Indianapolis Star, 26 July 1918, p. 16:5

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