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Board Adopts Traffic Rules

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, July 11: The Indianapolis board of public safety adopted a sweeping reform of the city’s traffic regulations yesterday to lessen the congestion in the downtown district. Among the notable and radical features of the new regulations are: vehicle drivers will not be permitted to turn to the left at specified corners; to widen the driving space, there will be no angle parking - cars must be parked flat against the curb and space must be left before and behind for other cars to get out; parking is prohibited too near street intersections and near fire plugs; vehicles must stop at the curb; pedestrians will be required to cross streets at the same time vehicles are signaled. Also, a motor vehicle driver must be 16 and a horse drawn vehicle driver must be 14.

“Board Adopts Traffic Rules,” The Indianapolis Star, 11 July 1918, p. 14:4

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