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"Own A Home" Address Heard

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, June 20: The “Own Your Own Home” campaign received a strong endorsement yesterday in remarks by William Headrick and Judge James Collins to Nordyke & Marmon employees during a noon-time rally. The movement received further impetus when Headrick and Collins addressed a crowd at an evening meeting in Riverside Park. There is no more practical way to promote Americanism declared Headrick, “Than for each family to live in the security offered through owning its own home…The best debt in the world one can ever owe is that incurred through the purchase on payments of a home.” Through the several Indianapolis building and loan associations, the own-your-own-home idea has developed and “its effect upon the city has been one of wonderful growth and development,” Judge Collins observed. Even one of modest means can purchase a home.

“'Own A Home’ Address Heard,” The Indianapolis Star, 20 June 1918, p. 3:4

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