Miss Burnside Made Head of Women Police

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, May 16: In accordance with a campaign pledge made by Mayor Charles Jewett, Alex Taggart, president of the board of public safety, announced the selection policy of policewomen by the Indianapolis police department. Applications must be filed with the board, and then will be turned over to Police Chief George Coffin for investigation. Thirty women have so far applied, and appointments will be made from those receiving the highest number of points awarded for past experience, education for the position and ability. Miss Clara Burnside, with thirteen years as a probation officer, has been named supervisor of policewomen with the rank of sergeant. The protection of young girls demands peculiar knowledge and the addition of policewomen to the regular force is viewed as a step forward in keeping up with the city’s vice problem.

“Outline Policewomen Plan,” The Indianapolis Star, 16 May 1918, p. 16:5

“Miss Burnside Made Head of Women Police,” The Indianapolis News, 18 May 1918, p. 1:2


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