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Indianapolis to be Recruiting Center

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, April 24: Indianapolis will become a recruiting center for army engineer units according to orders received by Major Thomas Ryan of the local recruiting station. A total of 6,160 men will form the following units at Ft. Harrison: 44th and 48th railway maintenance of way battalions; 60th, 61st, 62nd, and 63rd railway operation battalions, and the 603rd sapper regiment. Among the class of workers the local recruiting office is seeking to fill the ranks of these units and the railway construction engineer regiments and railway maintenance of equipment battalions are: steam shovel cranemen, pile driver enginemen, draftsmen, store keepers, bridge carpenters, mechanics, blacksmiths, laborers experienced in railroad construction, locomotive engineers and firemen, train dispatcher telegraphers, general machinists, car repairmen, section hands, welders, and oilhouse attendants. Some of these recruits will be stationed at the fort.

“Indianapolis to be Recruiting Center,” The Indianapolis News, 24 April 1918, p. 19:8


The Indianapolis News, 24 April 1918, p. 7

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