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Motor Rangers, New Battalion

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, February 12: The Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association offered its services and cars to Gov. Goodrich and the State Council of Defense for a new militant guard battalion of the Liberty Guards called the Gasoline Rangers. Capt. George Harney said the automobile equipment of the Gasoline Rangers would be valuable in the transportation of supplies if state property might be in peril or it was necessary to get troops out of the city in a hurry. “We want an organization so complete that when it is necessary the Governor may press a button and bring 500 automobiles to Monument Circle ready to go,” Harney said. Bruce M. Wylie will name a committee of automobile men to start the organization. Members of the association believed it was their patriotic duty to proffer their services to the Governor.

“Motor Rangers, New Battalion,” The Indianapolis Star, 12 February 1918, p. 3:5


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