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Experts Recommend a Union of City and County Offices

From The Indianapolis Star, Saturday, December 1: Consolidation of city, township and county governments in Indianapolis and Marion County is the recommendation of the New York Bureau of Municipal Research in its continuing survey of Indianapolis city government. One proposed plan, as a step toward greater efficiency and economy in local public administration, would make the city and the county coterminous with an elected mayor, prosecuting attorney, judges of the courts, and a council. The functions of all present city and county departments which overlap would be combined in new city departments. The mayor would appoint all administrative officers and department heads, with some exceptions. The greatest gain from consolidation would be securing more and better service with notable financial savings of $200,000 (2016: $3,811,959) a year. The survey is being conducted under the auspices of Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

“Experts Recommend a Union of City and County Offices,” The Indianapolis Star, 1 December 1917, p. 13:3

The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, 9 December 1917, p. 11.

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