• Steve Barnett

Indianapolis Sets New Joy Record

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, November 11: “Let us all stop and celebrate the triumph of our just cause” was Gov. Goodrich’s call to Hoosiers with the announcement in this morning’s headlines, “Germany Surrenders!” By 8:00 a.m. throngs of happy citizens were marching around Monument Circle singing, shouting, and making merry with every noisemaking device available - cans-pans-bells-whistles- horns. Thousands of workers poured out of factories and railroad shops joining thousands of zealous downtown store employees in a mass of humanity on the city streets. The public schools dismissed pupils at noon. Last week’s premature celebration was a mere dress rehearsal for today’s spirit of high carnival and whizzbanger of hours’ and hours of record joy in Indianapolis. Celebrations continued into the evening with people packing the Circle singing and applauding each time a flag of the Allies was displayed.

“Indianapolis Sets New Joy Record,” The Indianapolis News, 11 November 1918, p. 1:3

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